TV report about TSL – view behind the scenes

The climatic chamber in the test laboratory has impressed the WDR TV team. Volker Schmitz, head of development lab at TSL-ESCHA, had cooled the device down to minus 55 degrees to simulate the Russian winter. There is a thick layer of ice on the door opening button and the LED light strips. But the products [...]

Company anniversary for Antje Dockhorn

Antje Dockhorn celebrated her 25th company anniversary in September 2020 at TSL-ESCHA in Halver. Within 25 years of working for TSL-ESCHA everyone develops further. A young, shy woman becomes a woman who talks turkey. On September 1, 1995 Antje Dockhorn had her first working day. "When I met you 25 years ago, your name was [...]

New stop request push button with vibration feedback

TSL-ESCHA’s new HSTIV assists persons with reduced mobility in using local public transport. After pressing the stop request button, passengers receive vibration and lighting feedback and can feel and recognize that they have pressed the push button. Bus and train travel should be easy, safe and comfortable for every passenger. This is the goal of [...]

Caution when disinfecting push buttons on buses and trains

Disinfectants should only be used in a proper and professional manner. Health authorities regard the disinfection of surfaces in public areas as not being useful. Alcohol is not a solution, at least when it comes to the disinfection of public transport vehicles. Some transport companies are nevertheless taking strong measures due to the corona virus [...]

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